walk animation and collider

i have an object with a walking animation. when i try to play it, half of its body is below the cube where it is standing. the walk animation is set to play automatically. i f\have tried adding rigidbody and a collider and properly positioning it before playing, but still it goes down halfway its body in the cube. what should i do here so it will play the animation on the proper position? pls help

Several things that could be wrong here.
first check that the colliders are not offset on any of the objects in question in a way that would allow it to fall half way through.
secondly it could be the animation, as animations are just vertex transformations the whole object could be transformed so it has an half body offset in the animation.
Try check if it’s positioned correctly if you don’t play any animation as default, if it is the animation you can correct it it in the software you made it with, try exporting it again, sometimes exporters tend to make errors

i got it now. the problem was with the animation, i forgot to check the generate colliders and scale it the same way as the body. after i change it, it works.