Walking and Jumping in Untiy with w,a,d

I am new to unity and i want to make a 2d plat-former game in java script. I want to be able to make it 2 player. I have looked every where and i can’t seam to find a script or tutorial where you can move left and right with a and d and jump with with w. All the scripts i look at you jump with space and you can use both the arrow keys and w,a,s,d to move.

Does anybody know of a script or tutorial in java script that can help with with this?

Some scripts have these values hard coded others use the Axes. From the Edit menu select Project Settings/Input. Look for the buttons defined in the ‘Horizontal’, ‘Vertical’, and ‘Jump’ areas. For many scripts you can make the changes here and have it reflected in the script. If this does not work, you’ll have to make the changes in the script. Look for uses of Input.GetKey().