walking inside curved surface

Alright i’m working on a scene where the player has to be able to walk along the inside of a giant cylinder. I’m unsure how to go about this. I can’t turn off global gravity because other scenes need the normal gravity.

Ive looked into spherical gravity and ray casting but I have no idea how to implement the latter and the former doesn’t work for what I need. I also thought about moving the cylinder under the player, not sure if that would work or if it would cause performance issues as it has a lot of object on it’s inner surface.

I just need a way to stick the First Person controller to the surface so they can walk around and jump regardless of their orientation. So basically gravity emanating from the central point out. Ive been battling with this for a while and my brain is fried. I usually don’t get answers on Answers but hey it never hurts to try.

This is still an issue I am having a hard time figuring out.

This is still an issue and I have not come any closer to figuring it out. I have lost all hope in Unity Answers actually being helpful but i’m at a loss so I will continue to ask questions into the void and not expect a helpful response.

@cydonia my suggestion is to use custom script to disable the gravity to the player’s Rigidbody. I would log that moment with a boolean, at which time you will need to simulate gravity along the correct axis. according to my research, gravity is applied in unity via simple Vector3 along the y-axis at a value of -9.81, so if you disable the player’s “use gravity” option for his Rigidbody and replace it using the “AddForce” method within “FixedUpdate” you should be able to convincingly emulate gravity along a different axis. try each force mode to find the most suitable.