Walking starts automatically in standalone build but not in WebGL build

I have a simple scene with two animated industrial robots and a standard FPSController. My problem is that when I make a standalone build, the FPS starts walking without pressing any keys. I only want it to walk when pressing W like in this WebGL build of the scene: http://sussijohansson.com/robottest/

Why is it doing that and what can I do to fix it? I´ve looked in the player settings but can´t figure out if there´s any setting I need to change?

It might just be because you didn’t drag the FPSController label, and have it being parented (or parent which ever comes first) the FPSCharacter.If thats not the answer then perhaps you need to add a RigidBody and then select the Constraints “Menu”, and then click on the top middle Y box, and then all 3 of the other contraint boxes ya that means all 4 of those boxes are to be having check marks in there boxes.