walking throu terrain

My character walks throu the terrain, i have a character controller with default settings on, the terrain has the terrain collider on it with material none,trigger off, terrain data none, and tree collider on. any help would be aaprciated.

just to be clear the character walks along the flat hits the hill and walks thou it on the same Z plane

I added a box collider to th object and stopped the falling throu should it have had a collider to begin?

ok more playing with it i now have it running up hills now but its launching like a ramp will AddForce fix that?

not sure what else i can do i have added colliders character components mesh colliders changed sizes i even brought in my own terrain from lightwave i still either fall thou or walk throu the terrain. is it a scripting issue or a problem with my meshes?

Try adding a rigidbody maybe that will work. What I think is happening is that the terrain is very thin and when the character moves it might be actually just skipping over the terrain since it’s so thin. If you make your character bigger it should make it impossible to skip through the terrain in one frame.

I am a bit closer now i now its not the character, i added a ridged body and it fell throu the terrain i placed the character about a meter above the terrain with and with out the ridged body same effect.

click your terrain and look in the inspector
make sure the terrain collider is on
if its on maybe try choosing some physics material