Want a sphere to roll on top of a cube

Having trouble placing a sphere on top of a cube. It falls to about half way through the cube (or vise-versa).

I have a collider and rigidboby on both the sphere and the cube.

The Cube has kinematic checked and use gravity unchecked.

The sphere has use gravity checked and kinematic unchecked.

So how do I make it roll on top of the surface?

always check kinematic or phisics is ignored. check the size of your rigidbody.

You can add a Physics Material to it, that can allow it to have different frictions on it. Such as Ice (virtually no friction) or you can make it bouncy where it will bounce on it, or you can make it like metal, or wood, etc.

Goto Assets > Import package > Physics Materials…

Then on your box or ball or both of them, go into it and goto your Collider and where it says Material click on the little circle next to it and select a physics Material. (or make your own and put it in there)