Want to add ship's velocity to Instantiated projectile

Hey all, first Unity project. Loving Unity but the learning curve is fairly thick to someone not used to OOP or C#. I'm rolling my own physics/collision as I don't need the might of Havok in a simple asteroids type shooter, so I cant do any rigid body cheats.

    GameObject bullet = Instantiate(BulletType,transform.position,transform.rotation) as GameObject;
    Component bVel = bullet.GetComponent("BulletShoot");

    //bVel.velocity += velocity;

Getting this error:

Assets/Code/player.cs(42,27): error CS1061: Type `UnityEngine.Component' does not contain a definition for `velocity' and no extension method `velocity' of type `UnityEngine.Component' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Both the ship code (this firing script is activated in the ship's update code), and the bullet code have a Vector3 "velocity" variable. BulletShoot is the bullet's movement script, and it works until I try and add the ships velocity to bVel in that commented out line.

Not really sure what I'm doing wrong, or how to find an answer. Any ideas?

Thanks, -Chris


BooletShoot bVel = bullet.GetComponent("BulletShoot");

Thanks for the pointer Dave, it gave me another error but was part of the solution. I need move BulletShoot into <> for c#. I dont quite understand this and it's caused other wierd artifacts, but it's movin along. Thanks!

    BulletShoot bVel = bullet.GetComponent<BulletShoot>();

    bVel.velocity += velocity;