Want to know free and good software to create game objects and scenarios for unity3d (mobile)

I am really new to mobile game development and need help regarding what software easy and free should i learn and use to
create characters and game scenario,to use it in unity.I am new to unity,and i want to develop games for mobile platform(simple games)…what would be preferable 3D or 2D?? .Earlier i have
developed a chess game using flash professional and actionscript all alone,but don`t know anything about unity and blender ,.I am going to do it all alone,and i want to start creating from most simple games to complex ones.,need some advise from professionals.

Software thats free and good:

Unity3D Free edition



To learn how to use it


Blender cookie

Unity cookie

I highly recommend using Blender for all your 3D modeling it’s free. Between that and either photoshop or some equivalent you can get some pretty nice looking stuff.

Blender is great since it’s free and my artist even seems to prefer it over Maya.

Unfortunately programming and art are two entirely different things. I was able to do some basic modeling and animations but without my amazing artist my current project would look quite primitive and unprofessional.

My advice is that you should try to find an artist in the collaboration section of the Unity forums unless you want to handle all the art AND programming. For me doing both art and programming would be very difficult as I’m not a great artist and programming + all the Unity Editor stuff takes so long by itself.

There are plenty of tutorials to get you started with all the programs Unity, Blender, Photoshop, etc.

I used these ones to help me learn how to rig and animate models in Blender:

Rigging model:

Animating Rig:

Those two are pretty simple and straight forward. The amount of complex stuff you can do with Blender is insane, it seems like a lot to me so I would advise trying to find an artist unless you are really set to do everything yourself.

Good luck!

If you can’t get Photoshop or don’t like it I believe my artist uses GIMP which is free.

And here’s a link to my current project if you want to see an example of what just one artist was able to do using Blender and GIMP so I think these programs are really good: