Want to make a game that my company's customers can play in the websites browser

Good afternoon.

I am looking to make a very basic, small game that can run within the company’s website browser. The company makes more than 100k a year in services not related to gaming.

If I were to pay for a pro license and make the game, would I need to continue the pro license subscription after the game is complete? Would the company need to pay royalties even though the game is played for free/no cost and is not sold?

Would I be better off just making a game using HTML5 from scratch?

There are no royalties with Unity.

Since your company has revenue of over $100K in the last year, you will need to purchase a Plus license in order to use Unity to develop the project.

However, you need to pay special attention to the ‘commitment’. Even if you opt for monthly billing, you are committed to at least a year of use. $399/year per seat.

If your company has revenue in excess of $200K then you’ll need Unity Pro. $1,800/year per seat.

Contact the Unity sales team for more questions. Unity