Want to make film... how to do this?

Hello, I need to make a simple film using Unity 4. I know it is possible for I have seen people do it before. How do I make the film?

I have animated a character for instance, but how do I record this and make a video out of it? If possible it would be brilliant if it had an alpha background (no background colour at all) just the character and that is all.

Thanks in advance

I’d start with Fraps (search online for it). I think the free version has a limited video length, but it’s a pretty cheap peace of software and very powerful.

That’ll record a window to a video - you might need to build+run your project in its own window to get the right result. It won’t give you an alpha background, but you can set the background colour to bright green and then run it through something like virtual dub to put something else behind it.

Most video formats don’t support alpha so I doubt you’d be able to just ‘record’ a transparent background.

Also, you’ll probably end up with quite chunky videos! Handbrake is a great piece of software for compressing / converting videos down to sensible mp4s.