Want to purchase best multiplayer framework

Greetings, I am looking to purchase a multiplayer framework for unity and I would appreciate if anyone could reccomend the best one available regardless of price.

My needs are:

  • Fully coded authoritative server and client side prediction ( Basically I don’t want to do any network coding, I want a framework to code upon that will easily and automatically sync for all players all objects and physics I code into the game. )

  • Projectile Sync ( The combat is based on skill shots, I can’t have projectiles firing from places a player hasn’t reached yet or players failing to dodge missiles due to bad sync, I need this sync to be coded in the framework i purchase. )

  • Collision detection ( the players need to be able to push one another seemlessly, needs to be able to be turned on and off. )

  • No client side delay with good connection.

  • 10 players minimum. (each controlling 1 character who may shoot up to 10 projectiles at the same time )

(extra info)
The game will feature:

  • High speed ( The players may move at very variable high to very low speeds, the network sync and predictions must take this into account and always show to the player syncs very close to their true positions, I can’t have melee attacks hitting from ranged distance. )

  • Real-time Combat ( I will code this myself, all I need is the network code to assure perfect sync between the players. )

  • I intend to make the game 3rd person with free mouse look ( I will code this myself. )

These are the features I’m looking for in the asset, I would greatly appreciate the recommendations as I said above I will pay any price and all I’m interested in is the network code for the autoritative server and the client side prediction, ( I don’t care for connection menus or visual interfaces or the like) all I want is a framework that will allow me to send an input from a client to the server and the server will output that movement to all clients connected to it. ( with visually smooth movement and real position accuracy.)

The sync must be good enough that if 2 players are running lined up they wont appear lined up in 1 client and dis-aligned in the other, its important that everyone is seeing the same thing at the same point in time.

Is there any particular asset on the asset store that would fulfill these needs?

This might be worth looking at: Bolt

Also on the Asset Store.