Want to save user name Unity 5

I am newbie. Want to save string (player name) with Playerprefs using InputField. And then use this string in other scenes (output in different script). How can i do that? Plz help with c# script.

1st Script:

    //any Variable to check if its working 
public string Fname = "hello World";
//your Text GameObject(Player InputField Text here)
public Text ftext;

void Update(){

	Fname = ftext.text;
	//you can trigger this using(Start, Update, trigger, collision, buttonpress, other)
	//Saving the variable as Name then you call the variable
	//you can call ftext directly here but just for an example of what you can do

	//PlayerPrefs.SetString("Name", Fname);  <-- you can call a any string variable in there too
	PlayerPrefs.SetString("Name", ftext.text);		//<-- calling the input field Text gameObject
	//next time you want to get the player name call the "Name" in PlayerPrefs.GetString


2nd Script:

//here you place your text GameObject
public Text ftext;

void Start(){

	//Calling the Player Pref and setting it in the text
	//you can triger this in many ways (trigger, Start, Update, Collision)
	ftext.text = PlayerPrefs.GetString("Name");