Want to set the fixed function of Paddle surface that if ball hits it and reflects to its opposite direction.

I am making a game relevant to Dx Ball. but in this I want that the paddel surface should me divided in 3 parts:Left side, Middle and Right side. If the ball hits the paddel (90 degree)to Left side surface then the ball should reflects to opposite direction. If ball hits the paddle to middle with 90 degree then it should reflect back at same direction. But if the ball strikes to right side of the paddel with 90 degree then it should reflects to some other directions. while now in my game if the ball strike the paddel at either left or right side with 90 degree then it reflects to same 90 degree. Here where i got stuck. please help me out…!!

swing - Java Pong - assign various reflection points to different parts of a paddle - Stack Overflow - check this link to get the answer. but I’m not sure that this is correct or not. Because I haven’t applied this code.