WARNING: 1853030816 format is not supported, decompressing texture.

What is the number format is ?
I get that warning in unity console with lots of different number (1853030816 is one of them) when i debug my android device on unity profiler build.

sorry about my english.

This is when you select a texture format that the GPU can’t understand. This probably happen on a scene load, so you should check textures in that scene which one you overridden the import settings.

On iOS side I have written an article before : https://gametorrahod.com/pvrtc-vs-astc-texture-compression-on-an-ios-device-38278a2345d but the idea applies to Android also. If I choose ASTC in one of my texture and play the game on device with lower than A9 processor it would take time to decompress to RGBA32 (but the quality is that of the compressed image)

The number seems to identify one of your texture. I am interested in knowing a way to relate this number to a texture so that you don’t have to guess.