Warning This Unity Package has Package Manager dependencies - do I skip or install/upgrade?

I am taking the Create with Code live course. We are using 2018.4 for the tutorial. When I try to import the assets, I get Warning This Unity Package has Package Manager dependencies. I have the option to skip or upgrade. I’ve been sitting on this screen for 4 hours because I have no clue and haven’t gotten an answer anywhere else. This is for the driving simulation tutorial. I am tied up for the next few days and was hoping to do this today, so I really hope someone has the correct answer! I asked on the group forum and got one vote for install and one for skip, so I’m hoping someone here has a definitive answer. Bonus if you can tell me WHY I’m clicking one or the other!

I recommend you to go with skip. If you upgrade this might give you a tons of errors in library that’s very difficult to solve. And before choosing any one I recommend you to make a zip file before clicking on anyone. Then choose skip or upgrade. If this throw error remove old folder and extract zip file

This is a serious problem that Unity needs to address. If you choose “upgrade” then your project gets wrecked and can’t build anymore. If you don’t upgrade then the asset you bought might not work.

So far I have not been able to get anything to work after choosing the upgrade option, so “skip” seems to be the only thing you can actually do.