Warp Image/Sprite Anchors?

Hey. So I have a 2D orthrographic scene. Think ‘adventure game’.
In this scene and several others there are TV screens, like the one you see on the podium.

I want to display different images at different times on these screens, so I have to rotate the image (worldspace Canvas in the image here, but Sprite also acceptable) so that it appears to fit on this screen.

With a perspective camera in 3D this would be easy, but it doesn’t work in Orthographic mode.

Is there a way to warp the normally rectangular Image or Sprite corners to be where I want them? I’m thinking of the way you pull the points around on a Polygon Collider 2D.

Or is there a plugin on the Asset Store even? I can’t find anything to do this kind of presumably simple task.

Thanks in advance.

Since the OP, this was released on the Asset Store. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks exactly right.

There was also a fantastic solution for trapezoid shapes (works well for the screenshot posted above, but not other custom angles) posted to a thread on Reddit.

Lastly, depending on your needs, apparently you can warp in photoshop before bringing it to Unity anyway, though this won’t suit every eventuality.