Warpfield (retro board game port)


I started this project a couple of years ago, left it for a while but finally managed to fix all the bugs in the game play. It's a port of an old board game from 1972 called "4000AD."

~~Warpfield (b1.05.3.win)~~
~~Warpfield (b1.05.4.win)~~
~~Warpfield (b1.05.5.win)~~
Warpfield (b1.06.6.win)


I still want to add net code to it to make it more useful, and then a computer player, but that means I have to learn more stuff first.

Until then, what I have should be fully playable, but let me know if any bugs are encountered.

Thanks for checking it out.


Warpfield v1.05.4 released.

- added translucence to rules to match other menus
- synchronized display of allied production to match sound and announcement dialog

Warpfield v1.05.5 released.

- warping cruisers will now be removed properly when disengaging
- 4 player allies game will now launch properly and not as 2 player allies sometimes
- ships' velocities now variable as intended

- added player number indicator to player status boxes
- changed status box text to graphic models
- lowered cruiser appearance threshold from more than 15 ships to more than 10 ships

4377991--397222--Screenshot 2019-03-31 11.27.58.jpg

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This looks really cool. It's got a very solid retro aesthetic! I'd love to see a gameplay video or something like that.

Hi! Thanks for the interest. Gameplay video is a good idea. Working on Save/Load atm. Will put it on my list of todo.

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Warpfield b1.06.6 released.

- reviewed board system positions and palette
- added save and load game slot
- added options menu for screen resolution and volume
- pause menu now exits to the main menu instead of quitting

- warpfields from loaded games will now indicate their correct launch sector

4514317--417739--Screenshot 2019-05-07 22.49.46.jpg

None of these new features has been thoroughly tested, so if you spot any bugs, let me know.


Sorry for the delay.

After discovering a bug in the load game system, I realized that my code had just gotten too out of hand to repair the problem adequately. I'm therefor going to rewrite it from scratch after reviewing more Unity tutorials.

Caio for now,

PS oh yeah, there's a bug in the load game, it doesn't correctly load warp rings on the board, so I'm afraid the save/load game feature won't be working until 2.0.


Hi! Found this computer version and as an owner of 4000AD I got really interested. So, I downloaded and.... (see attached file)

Using Asus K53S laptop (oldie, but still good) with latest Windows 10 version.6925586--812666--warpfield.jpg

Hi John,

Try this file Warpfield 1.06.6.a

I recompiled it with the latest stable Unity release, and made sure all screen ratios/resolutions were enabled. Be aware that this is for 64bit systems. If that's the issue, let me know and I'll see if a 32bit version will compile. A reminder that loading games doesn't work.

Hope this helps,