Was Unity's WebGL loading changed in 5.4?

Previously before updating to 5.4 our projects built for WebGL used the loading bar code found at: Unity WebGL Custom Progress Bar - Alex Ocias Blog this code gave us a smooth loading bar.

However after updating to 5.4 our WebGL builds with no change to the UnityProgress file now result in a jumpy/unresponsive loading bar that doesn’t work like it used to.

Has anyone had similar issues or does anyone have a working smooth WebGL loading bar that works in 5.4?

Ya I have this issues too. I submitted a bug to Unity about it just now. It used to work back in like 5.2 and maybe 5.3.
I’ve been busy to make a bug report about it sooner.
I do have to say though that Web GL works amazing these days other then a few minor things like the loading bar for starters.