WASD and arrow key controls for XZ?

I am new to coding, so I may be extremely nooby, and so, I wanted to make the controls first before learning a lot about how to use certain codes, so I got one from the questions, and modified it. But it didn’t work and produced some issues, too. So can anyone show me a code to convert horizontal to X axis and vertical to Z axis? Also, please don’t say I’m nooby, because I know that as a fact. also, the code should support the arrow keys and WASD. I also use 5.6 because my computer is old but I can’t get a new one currently, so I have 32-bit. So, I will use Csharp, so please write a Csharp script.

So please reply, and I use


I don’t understand what you want to do. Want to make a sort of jump of simply translate an object in an axis ? It’s better for understanding if you add the code where is the problem and eventually the output you got in the console.

If you are totally new check Unity Learn, there’s a lot of ressources and they will learn you how to use unity and how to code. It’s better than copy / paste code founded on web.