Water from Unity 3.3 doesnt works on Unity 3.4

Hi, my project use a Daylight Water from Water(Pro), Unity 3.3, but now my water doesnt works anymore on Unity 3.4, the new Water4 its VERY good, but the older shows a more realistic effect (somehow) on the specific place i was using it, is there a way to use the old water on the new Unity 3.4?, or maybe better, a tewak on the new water, to make it less wavie (more as a little fountain than an ocean effect), and a little more reflective, Thank you very much.

Note: The water from Unity 3.3 works OK on Unity 3.4 (if you upgrade), but you cant use both kind of waters on the same project - there was some kind of shader (35) error, i dont remember well -, the problem starts when you Re-import all the assets on the project, that way, all the features from the older water, loses.

In the middle of my project I also upgraded to 3.4 and found myself with many problems. I consulted with the experts on this glorious site and got some really good advice.
NEVER UPGRADE DURING A PROJECT. Finish the game in the version you started and then move on to the newer version. It’s not really a bug that’s causing your problem but rather small tweaks and optimizations in the updated version that my not always agree with the older engine.

Hi, thanks for the answer, i see now, thats a really good advice :), i will try to tweak the new water and post my results if that way works good…