water help, "liquid solid chunk"

Hello everyone!

Was looking to add some water to my FPS game here is an example of what it should look like:


you need to skip to about 2:25 in the level, and if you watch from there on out you can see the affect I am going for, I need a chunk of water like in the video that you can jump in and out of or fall through to a open area of non water, if your not jumping up and down in the water as in it shows in the video, water were when your in it, shows the effect of being in water.

I have been at this all day from creating a water prefab to watching videos on the net, and still no idea to go with it to resemble what is in the video, any help would be nice, and greatly appreciated! I am good at making levels, maps, etc… but when it comees to coding and the special effects, I lack in this area… really appreacate any help given, thank you…

This is what I have so far this is a picture of the view from the top
alt text

and here is the view from the bottom,

alt text

welp, doesnt resemble whats in the video, Ack! very new to unity, so trying my best,

And yes I am trying to do a full conversion of Quake one, for those hard core quake fans.

Keep at it, you’re going to need at least a transparent material. Also there’s a huge difference in quality with water in the pro version and the free version.