Water is flat in Unity 5

I’ve converted my project over to Unity 5, and everything is working pretty nicely except for water. I’ve tried pro water, water4 advanced, and another water shader I bought called wave creator, and none of them are generating waves. In fact, it looks like the waves are there, but are completely flattened. I’ve attached a picture of water4 to show what I’m describing.

Anyone else experienced this or have any input?

Water4 and Water4Simple work, but your rendering path must be set to Deferred. Regular water doesn’t work either way, I get the same result.

Just getting started with Unity here, but I’m having similar issues with water of all sorts. I need a large water surface (~1000 x 2000 ‘meters’) and all the ways I have tried scaling make the textures much too big, and I’m unable to compensate by changing the material. The reflection component works nicely (I’m using deferred rendering), but it’s featureless due to scale issues.