Water physics

I am trying to build a room where water comes out of a hole in the ceiling and slowly fills the room until it pours out another hole on the wall the water has to make my character float and push him out the drain hole. anyone know how to do this I’m stuck??!!

… Also try to get realistic water. But as far as I understand not normal there, you would need to code the water. And that isnt easy. I think there was a other way. And with the floating I just made a script. So when the OBJECT goes under the water height it gets pushed up with force.

To create a water-like system made of metaballs(I did not say meatball :D), look at this site, select clone/download, and then download zip. (It might just be my computer, but the assets didn’t import to Unity. You’ll have to import it automatiaclly.)

Look This unity water physics - YouTube