Water Question

I was wondering how could I add a script to allow when you go underwater to deduct 5 health every 10 seconds you are under. How could I go about doing that?

I shall start from the beginning to help explain the process you need to follow.

I’ll be using video links to help you see the concepts working.

Using Triggers and OnTriggerEnter :

  • Beginner B13 - Trigger Collision Detection


Note how setting the trigger to True (tick), and setting the Mesh Renderer to False (Untick), you can create a ‘zone’ that you can place where you want the trigger to occur.

  • Also , and probably most Importantly , read the Unity Scripting Reference on the commands you want to use :


  • Here is the link to other video’s in the beginner set by Unity3Dstudent :


If you watch these and are still having trouble, I am happy to help you edit your scripts to get the effect you are after.

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If your water is always at the same Y you could have like : When my object position is under Y you launch a counter that will decrease your life by 5.

Else, You need to put triggers and check ontriggerenter.