Water refraction from a different level?


I’m am trying to create a sphere of water whereby looking through it displays a different level. I want the water reflection to be the current level and the actual scene which the user sees through the sphere to be a different level. I am using the water pro script and shader.

Looking through the water script it seems like it would take a significant amount of work to switch out “cam” for a “cam reflective” and “cam refractive” which would also mean needing a second camera and having to import the other level into the current scene in-order to rotate the refractive camera from the view position in the other level. This seems incredibly inefficient to me.

Does anyone have any suggestion on how I can achieve this effect?

As far as i know, if you want to be looking at the actual level with things moving and working, that’s how it’s done. Remember the scene from Half Life 2 that the character is looking at a monitor with Judith talking about some discovery and then the combine invaded?
Well that was a part of that level located somewhere far from where the player was standing at, with a second camera showing the action done in real time and saving to a render target.
Then that render target was shown on the monitor as a video feed.