Water System for HDRP not URP?

Why has a new water system been developed only for HDRP?
Is it too reliant on high end shaders that URP could never use?
Could it not be scalable?

It is unfortunate if world building features are only going to be added to one render pipeline and not all as it it will add to the fragmentation

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The water system currently heavily relies on compute shaders, which are not required on all platforms for URP.
Making the water system without compute shaders would require completely redesigning it

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that is a late reply!
I get that, only why start with a water system that uses compute shaders which could be an HDRP extension to a more generic system instead?

Anyway it just seems a bit like someone’s side experiment that became a HDRP-only system when 1-for-all, or at least 1 for URP & HDRP, is needed

I get your point but it's not as easy as doing an extension for hdrp. Every single feature of the system requures compute shders, from the fft simulation to foam, deformers, lighting,...

I understand that it's frustrating, but making a system for urp would hardly share any code with this one, and this was a something with were conscious of when starting the system, it's built for high definition rendering

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