Watermark question with pro.

If you build a game in a 30-day unity pro trial,and then send the project folder to someone who has a pro license, and they rebuild it, will the game have a a watermark in the corner? Just wondering, as I’m working with a friend who can’t code, but she’ll need to turn in our project…and it would be easier if I could just throw the movies in myself and have her rebuild it on the computer with the Pro License at school.

The watermark will disappear when building with Unity Pro, this is a setting in the Player (“Always Display Watermark”). You can go from Free/Trial to Pro withing the same project on different machines. Just make sure that you don’t violate the End User Agreement.

No, watermark will NOT disappear with Unity Pro,
many have reported the issue with UnityPro as well.
Why you guys in Unity team just don’t admit that,
and fix it ?