Way to load levels faster?

Hello! Is there a way to load a scene faster? I have 2 separate scenes for a mission. Once the player enters a cube it triggers the next scene to start (Which takes like 10 seconds). This is acting like a checkpoint… so is there a way to load this faster? Or how would I pre-load it? Thanks!

Hi there,
look up this:

It is Async Load level function. I have not tried it yet myself but this is what I will be using on my project soon. Basicaly you can start loading level before player gets to the check point. Not sure how heavy it is for CPU to do that in the background, guess it depends on the game and platform. This is used often for loading bars. From what I know you can do up to 90% of the job in the background. The other 10% is clearing old scene.

That should be good start for you.

Just make a Half-Life style loading overlay.