Waypoint Error.

Hello Everybody,

I have a little problem...

I have a code as ;

function PickNextWayPoint( currentWaypoint : AIWaypoints )     {
    var forward = transform.TransformDirection( Vector3.forward );
    var best = currentWaypoint;
    var bestDot = -10.0;

    for( var cur : AIWaypoints in currentWaypoint.connected )
        var direction = Vector3.Normalize( cur.transform.position - transform.position );
        var dot = Vector3.Dot( direction, forward );

        if( dot > bestDot && cur != currentWaypoint ) //Prevents the NPC from looking at the current waypoint it is at; stops the NPC from looping back to the waypoint it is at;
            bestDot = dot;
            best = cur; 

    return best;

When i connect this script to my Character and when i play i take this error

"Assets/AI.js(249,46): BCE0018: The name 'AIWaypoints' does not denote a valid type. "

How can I solve this problem?



You don't have a script called "AIWaypoints". Wherever you copied and pasted this from, you need to also get the "AIWaypoints" script.