We could use some help -guidance

I hope this is the right place to post this question.

We have a game that uses robots and we're trying to allow teams to personalize their robot and insert it in our game. But we're not sure how we get the new robot into our web GL export product. see the game https://www.vrobotsim.online/homepage.html

Hi, could you provide more details about what you're trying to do? What do you want to import here, a mesh? A URDF file?

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We are trying to import a urdf file and stl files -see robot in example

start at around 5 min

Here is the attempt to import into unity/webgl

you can see that we start with a bunch of STL files and the URDF file.
Currently we can't import the really large files but we can get a robot into the game.
now the question is how do we make the new robot programmable

we're using a custom script import the robot.. If you would like access to the GitHub site, let me know.

Will we be better off using GLB files? fbx? or ..

From my point of view the URDF importer and the PhysX ArticulationBody are not scripted that well, that it is easy to randomize models by a user. I tired to find the main issues here and here but didn't.
I think you have two options

  • Write your own controller scripts to get that running.
  • Use other (most of them are very expensive) physic engines (e.g. this one)

We use a fusion exporter to create a urdf file and stl files which allows us to get the robot into our Webgl (at runtime) export see

or a slightly longer version
. But the final "test" robot isn't very stable or nimble. Is there a better way? You can see our current system at https://robotimporter.vrobotsim.online/programpage.html Ideally we want any student to have the ability to test their robot in our simulator

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Hi, could you provide more details about what you’re trying to do? What do you want to import here, a mesh? A URDF file?

A urdf with stl files (video
) or try it https://robotimporter.vrobotsim.online/programpage.html

A very interesting application.
I linked a few sides above to help handling urdf files. I think the importer is not the best. In our project we skipped the urdf importer and preconfigure a set of robots, which could be manipulated just in predefined ways.

We have some prescripted robots-https://powerplay.vrobotsim.online/programpage.html but we are looking for amethod to allow students to work with their own robot-design comformation

If you really want to use the urdf import, I would recommand you to test multiple scenarious with the Articulation Body. Most of the issues are made by them and can be avoided by modify the imported modell. On the other hand writer controller and motor scripts move more robust.