Weapon attatchments system?

I apologize if my question is a tad broad but I’m in need of some assistance…

Basically I want to create an attachment system to my game similar to that used in the game Unturned, I want you to be able to find and pickup attachments & be able to select them in an inventory or popup menu when a certain key is pressed, I was thinking it could be as simple as toggling an objects visibility, however, I know next to nothing about scripting.
if you guys haven’t or simply don’t want to play Unturned another example of this would be the system used in Rainbow Six Vegas Two.

I’m a complete nub with unity, if you guys think I should learn more about scripting before even trying to attempt this could you give me so reference on where i could find some guides/tutorials?

I’m sorry if it’s an inconvenience but if you just paste a script for me to use could you please explain exactly how it works? It would be extremely helpful to me.

Thanks in advance for answering!

You should check this page. It’ll help a bunch.

Have you looked at this: http://brackeys.com/inventory/

It’s a freely downloadable Unity project from a reputable site