Weapon In FPS Controller Not Colliding

I’m trying to make a game in which your character runs around and hits people with various objects he finds. The only problem is that the weapons don’t collide with anything. I can’t seem to add any colliders to the FPS controller, or any of it’s childs. The only collider that works is the character controller. Is there any way I can get my weapons to have their own colliders? Here’s how I have my controller set up right now:


Thanks in advance!

I managed to solve my problem, and I’ll explain how for anyone who is wondering. This post got 5 views in a day, so I assume someone out there will appreciate this.

First, I had to throw my FPS controller out the window, because it doesn’t have a Rigidbody. Then I found a character model, and put it in an Empty. I then put a Main Camera in the same Empty. I attached a Rigidbody to my Empty. I found a character motor script, and also attached that to my Empty. Next I attached a capsule collider to my Empty. I renamed the Empty “That Guy In My Game” because, well, he is. Then I put a weapon, which is titled “Cube” in the diagram but we’ll pretend it says “Weapon”, in his hand, and gave it it’s own Box Collider. If you can’t understand anything I said, because my English is horrible, please refer to the diagram below. Good luck, and God Bless.