Weapon reload animation problem in UFPS


I’m using Ultimate FPS to create a custom player for my game. I have three gun models with reload animations(a handgun, a rifle, & a Sniper).

I assigned my animation clip on the vp_FPWeaponReloader script, and this script is attached to my weapon prefab.

now my problem is whenever i try to switch to the next weapon while the current weapon’s reload animation is playing and again switch back to the previous weapon, i find my previous weapon’s position changed upon the previous animation paused state…and now i couldn’t play the animation for the previous weapon upon ‘R’ key press.

Can anyone help solve this issue…is there any way i could solve this issue by making any changes over “vp_FPWeaponReloader” script…

Added some code in Onstop_Reload() function on vp_FPWeaponReloader script…

if(AnimationReload != null) 
			m_Weapon.WeaponModel.animation[AnimationReload.name].time = 0.0f;

I have same problem as you.

I use 1.7

I tryed your code and i had to change it like this but that dont work , i have same problems.

protected override void OnStop_Reload()

        if (AnimationReload != null)
            m_WeaponAnimation[AnimationReload.name].time = 0.0f;

Anyone can help please ?

My problem is the same as in this video :