Weapons idea for a spaceshooter game

Hello, I am trying to make a 3d spaceshooter game like fire fox 64 for a univesity project.
And I am thinking on adding different kinds of weapon to chose from, but I am stuck and can not find any good weapons idea. Can you please give me some ideas.
For now I can just think of a weapon with normal bullets, and a weapon with buets that follows the enemy.

  1. minigun - fires a lot of bullets but each bullet has low damage.
  2. cannon - shoots a bullet that does a lot of damage.
  3. guided rocket - a homing rocket that follows the cursor.
  4. laser - does lot of damage but takes time to reload
  5. sticky bomb - a bomb that does a lot of damage. it sticks to the player and explodes after 5 seconds.
  6. ice spike - does medium damage and freezes him (lower his speed and reload speed) and makes him vunerable to damage.
  7. poison bullet - slowly does damage to him once hit by it.

that’s it comment for more ideas