Web browser is crashed every time when moving tofrom the page containing the unity web plugin.

I'm developing web game using the unity web plugin. After playing the game, every time the web browser is crashed when moving to other page or reloading the game page. The game is no problem to play.

The Tropical Paradise demo page is also crashed after moving to other page.

The unity web plugin log file disappear when crashing web browser then I can't see the log. IE8,Firefox,Chrome are same.

I tried Vista and xp with Japanese language.

Yeah even i’m having the same problem say if i’m on Youtube or somewot after awhile it’ll crash or especially a game e.g Runescape > Facebook games > All games will crash at one point tried this on all browsers such as Google Chrome > Internet Explorer > FireFox ect.
Nothing seems to work iv’e even re-installed my Windows 7 Three times? Help please. I haven’t got any Adobe or flash player installed though just letting you know doubt thats the problem but mays well say as it’s in my need to fix this problem who ever know’s this answer, I will highly appericate if you send me a message on Ian2010x@hotmail.co.uk Thanks so much for your time.

I am having the same problem. If someone has any answers please post them here. I would love to play games and go somewhere else without my browser crashing!