Web games exported from beta 3.5 are not usable?

I’ve been developing a game with some collaborators and we’ve been sharing the latest builds via a web page and Unity web player.

I installed the beta 3.5 release to take part in the Flash competition, although unfortunately couldn’t get a viable Flash export of the game. However I did several days work on this version - too much to go back to the previous version.

Now when I publish a Unity web player version and upload it, my collaborators get an error message saying they must upgrade their Unity plugin manually. When they do this (one tried 3 times) they get the same error again. It looks like they require a plugin version that isn’t publicly available? How do they get it. I need to be able to continue sharing my work with them!

(I’m also concerned because when I run the web player game locally I get a message in the HTML page saying “this will only run on your computer”. If this is really the case, and I’d been pre-warned, I’d never have installed the beta! It’s so far taken up loads of time with a number of Flash export bugs that are outside of my control - to be honest I’ve wasted days of work).



Thanks. When you say “do it again” would I be able to export from 3.5 as unity package, then import into new project in 3.4? (I understand I can’t “downdate” but can I export and import?)

Any idea when the 3.5 final release is due?