Web Player 3.x inaccessible?

We’re attempting to provide our users a link to download and install the Web Player in case they don’t have it, as described on this Docs page. We have a specific need to use the 3.x version (we develop in 3.5.7) so we point to the 3.x URL (notice in the example on that page it uses 2.x). However now this URL appears to just get the latest version, which currently is 4.3.5. Notice how this link downloads the installer for 4.3.5, tested by right-clicking the exe, selecting Properties, and viewing the Details tab, as well as running the exe and installing. This is the exact same link that’s used by the big blue Download button on the Web Player main page. Going to the “2.x” version of the URL as shown in the documentation example correctly downloads and installs the 2.6.1 version.

This seems like a bug with the Unity website. In the meantime, is there an alternative (and reliable) location to download the installer for Unity Web Player 3.x or 3.5.x?

You should not force your users to have a specific web player version. The 4.x web player will happily play back content created with 3.x, using the channels feature in 4.x. (Linking to an old webpage, particularly one not hosted on the official docs server just muddies the water. The current web player UnityObject2.js does a good job of detecting if a user has the web player or not, and automates the install for the user, using either java or .net, or, if the user doesn’t have those, provides the download link.)