Web player and multi-platform libraries

Supposing I want to do a webplayer Unity project that uses FMOD, how do I go about doing that?

(Actually, it doesn't have to be FMOD, there is a substantial number of libraries that create this sort of question, but let me stick with FMOD. I'll elaborate.)

Webplayer deployment entails being able to run on a number of different platforms. Mono is required, but still the number of platforms is greater than one. So all code in the project has to be managed. On the other hand, FMOD, no matter how powerful or useful, is still a native-code library, so it should work only if I access the webplayer from a Windows system.

However, FMOD library does exist for pretty much every platform there is. So, in theory, it should be able to play its supportive role there, as well.

So the question is: Given a number of FMOD native DLLs (or equivalents thereof) built for different systems (Win, OSX, etc), is it possible to somehow embed them all in the web build and have the webplayer use the proper one in each case?

You can't use native code with a web player build either way