Web Player Auto Update Failed


I cannot seem to update the web player on my system. I have unistalled it, and re-installed it to no avail and now I seem to be in a loop that I cannot resolve.

If I go to the live demos link and download bootcamp I get an installation error that tells me I need the latest player but auto update failed. I then select install manuallly and this works fine. I then go through the bootcamp process again and it still tells me I need the latest player and the update failed.

I then remove the unity player from windows using the control panel and try all over again and I still get the same issue. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, I had the same problem and it was about my proxy.

If you see the code of the page, you will see this link: http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/UnityWebPlayer.cab

Its a .Cab file and inside is the .Exe file.

My proxy have blocked the .Cab, so, I have download the .cab in another computer that not block this extension and copied the .exe inside the .cab, installed and played!

Try to paste this link in your browser and see if you can download, if you can, extract the .exe file and install it, make sure you have administrator permission to install softwares.

Hallo, ik heb het zelfde probleem en het gaat over mijn proxy.

Als je de code van de pagina, ziet u deze link: http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/UnityWebPlayer.cab

Het is een. CAB-bestand en de binnenkant is het. exe-bestand.

Mijn proxy hebben. Cab geblokkeerd, dus heb ik download de. cabine in een andere computer die niet blokkeren deze uitbreiding en kopieerde de. exe in de. cabine, genstalleerd en gespeeld!

Probeer deze link in uw browser te plakken en als je kunt downloaden zien, als je kunt, pak het. exe-bestand en installeer het, zorg ervoor dat je de beheerder toestemming om software te installeren.

Download and run CCleaner to chear the cache.

If that doesn't works, uninstall unity web player via the control panel. and reinstall it manually from the unity website. Then run CCleaner again.

hi i am king maker download directly [instead of using internet download manager or extra] the unity web player or plugin and install it will work

if i do these steps will it work???

i have this prob also and i seek of my unity player crashed many times when i update it it say’s failed to update then i download it manually and load a game it again start downloading and say’s failed to update any one have ans to fix this prob

You’d think after two years Unity could figure out this particular issue. Battlestar Galactica Online is what’s giving me an issue, and after uninstalling and reinstalling several times, now all my browsers are broken. Even the live demos page is broken.

Version of your web player
Unity Plugin version:
This is as of 2014_01_31

I’m downloading this from the unity page Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D, VR & AR Engine and clicking the download button. The webplayer is showing to be 1,026KB in size. I’m currently using Revo Uninstaller to make sure everything is removed.

This worked for me on my mac:

Use the full installer ( Windows : http://webplayer.unity3d.com/downloa...PlayerFull.exe , Mac: http://webplayer.unity3d.com/downloa…-universal.dmg )

Windows 7 SP1. I tried all the methods mentioned above. Nothing worked. Eventually I just downloaded the older version of the offline installer (in my case it was Unity Web Player ver. 2.5.0). Unistalled the latest version and installed the older one. Now the game I play works perfectly!