Web Player Auto Update

I recently had a technical support question in regards to how Unity handles updating the web browser client. From what I have read and understand, the web player will attempt to “dial home” and check for updates. If an update is found, the update is automatically downloaded and installed.

What exactly is the auto update installing? It does not seem to be fully updating the plug-in. As my Unity Engine version is 3.3.0f4 and 3.4.0f5 is installed if I uninstall it and grab the latest version from the website.

Is there a way we can detect the current version of the plug-in so that we can force the end user to update? We are experiencing bad performance issues/crashes with the OSX plugin that seem to be addressed with Unity Engine 3.4.0f5.

If you build a ‘offline web build’ you get the un-minified UnityObject.js. If you take a look at this files there is actually a lot of functions that may be interesting to you (such as detectUnity()).