Web Player Broken After Exporting To Flash.

Hi All.

I have been building a game for months now however since i have been building for Flash Export i haven’t been bothering to check the web player version. However now the Web Player Version when i upload to my site will not play…

In safari it simply loads full then does nothing. In firefox it loads fully then after about 5 mins says unity player plugin crashed.

Is this a problem that other people have experienced? As far as i know there is nothing in my game that would be supported by flash export but not web player…

Not a clue! It’s kind of important that i get this working since i can’t post the game in it’s flash state to Kongregate because the file size is too much when you export as a .swf

The game in it’s Flash state can be seen if you CLICK HERE

I doubt that this is related to the flash exporter directly, however, would you mind filing a bug with your project ?

As for swf filesizes; have you unchecked development build when building for Flash ? What texture settings are you using for Flash ?