Web player crash on loading large scene

Hello guys,

I have been trying to build my game for online web player but there seems to be a problem.

The menu of the game opens up fine, but when I start the game, a scene has to be opened up, which is pretty big in terms of the number of objects in the scene. But instead, the web player stops responding and the plug in crashes after some time, this happens in both Chrome and Firefox.

The scene gets loaded fine in the standalone build and the editor. The statistics window shows a VBO of about 1800 which increases up to 3100 after some time. I thought that the large number of meshes might be the problem, so I made some use of layerCullDistances and decided to split the large scene into few parts and load the levels additively, but it didn’t work out either.

Also in the editor log, the system memory in use goes upto 110MB. Is 110MB something that the webplayer cannot handle?

I am using Unity 3.5.5 Developer Preview (indie version).

Thanks for reading!

Vatsal Ambastha

Read and Post your Unity Log details . It should point out exactly what caused Unity to crash . Perhaps it’s something that it’s loading, versus it being because of it loading a large file-size .