web player GUI.label word-wrap issue

I cant honestly tell what’s causing this.

In my game, there is a simple GUI.Label (within OnGUI()) that uses a GUIStyle that has wordwrap and upperCenter alignment.

in both the editor and the PC standalone builds of the game the text is fine, but the web player seems to ‘squish’ the text and has un-even new line distances. how strange.

note that there are no other issues with any other text in the game (including text that uses word wrap).

this image sums it up:
(note: the variable ‘s’ is a float that i use to scale everything based off the screen size)

any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Problem solved!!!

The problem was the font text!!, I change to other font in the GuiStyle and the problem disappear, may be the file was corrupted in some moment.
I recommend changing text font or download again the same you use.

Please sorry for my english!