Web player issue

Hi, I have an issue when running my game on the web player. When I start the game, I only see the bottom left part of my scene. If I click on scene view and then game view, it will be fixed until I reboot my unity. If my game view is not attached to my unity window the issue does not happen either.

I tried to look into the resolution in player settings, thinking it could be related, but didn`t change anything.

After looking into it, ive seen that the button in my scene are still functional where they are supposed to be (even if i dont see them). And if i load a new scene, that new scene is fine, and if i come back in my first scene, its fine as well.

So the ui element are rendered in a different position than they actually are.

I am using the unity 4.6 release candidate 1.

So I was able to fix my issue, by adding a camera in my scene. Don`t know why it fixes it though.