Web player my missing HTML is not working


I'm trying to deploy a webplayer unity application and I have customize my "missing" div with some html but apparently Unity Javascript code is replacing my code no matter what I do.

What most intrigued me was that oldest projects of mine where I used the same code, now they are not working also. I'm including the file http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/3.0/uo/UnityObject.js in all projects and I suspect that Unity changed the code and now is affecting all my projects including the ones that were working in the past.

Could anyone give me a hand with this issue?

Thank you very much.

i’ve had the very same issue and solved it using the callback parameter of the unityObject.embedUnity function (http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/Working%20with%20UnityObject.html).

If loading Unity fails for some reason, I completely hide the unityPlayer div via javascript and show another (former hidden) div with my custom call for installing unity.