Web player performance problem on MAC OS X


my application works fine on Windows (all browsers) but is laggy on Mac OS X (with all browsers except Camino).
Did somebody have the same problem?
I am wondering if the problem occurs with every application or is caused by one of my scripts or shaders…

Thanking you in advance,



I don’t think that it would be anything in your game that is causing it to be slow, as you said that t worked fine on windows, and that I worked fine on Camino

What I would think that it is, is probably the browser that is lagging, if it is Safari thy is lagging, then I would just reccomend uninstalling the web player, restarting your computer, reinstalling the web player, and then restarting again, and seeing if that works!!!

If its Firefox, then try uninstalling and reinstalling that too. (Don’t wory, Firefox should still keep your preferences and settings after uninstalling, at less that’s what it did on my Mac when I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox). See if that works… Also, how is your game becoming laggy?

Hope this fixes, and if you need more help, then just comment back!


Unity support answer :

It is possible that something in your project reacts badly with the Mac browsers but it could also be a fault with the Unity player. There only seems to be one other performance issue reported for Mac webplayers

I have the same problem, plesae Martin, your last post was trying with 3.5 Beta. Was ok?