Web Player takes a REALLY long time to load the scene


I created a game using the Lerpz tutorial.

Now, I exported it to the Web using the "Web Player Streamed" option from the Build Settings, and the .unity3d file is 18 MB.

I have uploaded it at http://hrishikeshchoudhari.com/avr.html

My question here - Why does the scene stops at the LOADING screen..

I remember when I first uploaded the game, I could play it instantly, but not anymore.

I have waited for as long as 20 mins to get past the loading screen, but not of any help.

What I am I doing wrong ?

If you use "Web Player Streamed" the streaming id done on a per level/scene base. The Unity loading bar works different for streamed version. It only indicates the progress of the first level. After the first one, with index "0", is loaded the game starts but it's keep streaming the seconde level. If the main level isn't loaded yet when you click on play, it can't load the level.

Use Application.CanStreamedLevelBeLoaded to check if the level can be loaded.

Use Application.GetStreamProgressForLevel to show a custom progressbar in your first scene to give user-feedback for the main scene streaming progress.

I would hide the Play button until the level can be loaded :wink: