Web Portal Set Up

Has anyone managed to get the web portal set up? I am trying to authenticate with Google, but I'm unsure if I'm messing something up on the Unity or Google side.
I have a client id from Google Cloud and I've set the Authorized JavaScript origins to https://ugc-web.prd.mz.internal.unity3d.com

I see the Google prompt to sign but I always get Failed to authenticate with Google. Please try again.

Hello, to authenticate with Google, there are 2 places to input the client id. First in the Identity Providers section in the Authentication service here. Secondly, in the UGC "Service Settings" page. The client should also whitelist the portal URL so redirection will work. Hope that helps!

Awesome! Got it up and working! Thanks!
But if I want to use Google Sign In for the game itself as well, can I use this same Web Client ID?

Yes, you must use the same client ID for the game so the player content can sync properly with the game's portal.

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