Web view for osx and ios

Hello Unity Community,

I’m in a bit of a jam here. I working on a game for some clients that require a web view to be opened in both the ios and osx version of the game. (The clients don’t want to open up safari and have the users leave the app.) So, I come here to ask if there is any solution to this problem. I have looked in UniShare and Prime 31 Ectetera in the asset store and I don’t think those can help from what I’ve seen/heard. I’ve also looked into the Gree Web view that’s posted on github but I didn’t have any success with it.

So, basically I’m asking if there is a uniform web view that I can use in ios/osx and implement fairly easily as this portion of the game has to be ready by Thursday.

Please help me community!


Ethan Behar.

A web view, no, there is nothing unless you write it yourself and fight the consequences of iOS5 vs iOS6 and OSX 10.6 vs 10.7 vs 10.8

But there is uWebKit

I have used following plugins for web view in iOS and Android

iOS : Web View in iOS | Integration | Unity Asset Store

Android : Web View for Android | Integration | Unity Asset Store