WebCam on Web Player

I have a plan about making AR soft based Web Player. ARToolKit is based on C++, so if make by called DLL, they are disabled when building a Web Player. So I'll write script refer to NyARToolKit that based C#, critical error in the process to get Capture Device will occured. NyARToolKit using a DirectShow image processing, so I write script by DirectShow Plugin. But I could not determine the exact cause because of Critical Error.(attached a screenshot)

Is there a way to resolve these issues? Or Is there a way to run a WebCam based Web Player?

alt text

you can not call p/invoke in your web players and you can not use assemblies that call p/invoke. so you can not use a feature like webcam usage in this way. you can create a java aplet or an activex control to do that and communicate with unity web player using .net sockets or in another way.

It was made here, but I don't know how. Seems like usage of undocumented features, because I can't find java / flash stuff in html code.

You need to take the input from another source like flash or silverlight for the meantime until unity implements it within the webplayer but in case you are interested we have created a new product in the asset store named MXDEye, with it you can take the flash webcam input easily

WebCams are now supported in Unity 3.5 also for the webplayer check out: Unity Video Remake: Webcam Textures -